Robert Redweik 2015.

Robert Redweik is a German pop-singer-songwriter, musician, entrepreneur and teacher, born August 28, 1983, in Munich.

Weinna 2014.

Weinna Marie E. Eray is a band vocalist and singer from Puerto Princesa, Philippines.

Mike Rutherford 2013.

Michael John Cloete Crawford "Mike" Rutherford, born October 2, 1950, is an English musician. He is a founding member of Genesis and one of the band's only two original members.

Tiffany Kirkland 2013.

Tiffany Kirkland is a singer-songwriter from Darmstadt, Germany.

Bobby Chinn 2014.

Robert "Bobby" Chinn, born April 3, 1964, is an internationally renowned television presenter, chef, restaurateur and cookbook author who has lived in Vietnam since 1996. He is half Egyptian and half Chinese. He runs the restaurant Bobby Chinn. Over his career, he has cooked for a number of personalities, including Bill Clinton in 2011 and Bob Dylan on his Asian Tour. In June 2014, Chinn was nominated as the ambassador of Tourism for Vietnam by the Ministry of Tourism Sports and Culture.

Jonavi Quiray 2010.

Jonavi Raisa Bernas Quiray is an architect, environmentalist, and beauty queen from the Philippines who won Miss Philippines Air 2011, Miss ASEAN TV Charm 2010, Mutya ng Pilipinas International 2008, and Mutya ng Palawan 2005.