You will get 15 % of our net retail value for any referrals. You do good to your friends, because they will get great photos. You do good to us, because we prefer to spend our time with our passion, not with marketing. You do good to yourself, because you can spend the money any way you like. There you have it, three feel-good moments for a simple recommendation! If you of the devilish kind, just refer us to your worst enemies if you think our work is superbad: you make sure your enemies get superbad photos, we probably get a superbad customer to handle, while you still get all the fun out of your appreciation.

An easy sample calculation might be: simple wedding including 2 hours of pre-nup and half a day (e.g. 4 hours) of wedding photo-shoot, plus post-processing for a dozen images for large-printing (i.e. 6 hours of work). That’s 12 work hours in total, at our current published rate EUR 45 just for you.